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Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages

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The 2013 Oahu Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages have arrived! From local experts and services, to shops big and small, Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages and are where you find it all. Like Electricians, Jazz Musicians, Hot Tubs, Hospital Scrubs, Recycle Centers, New Printers, Cement Trucks, Wedding Tux, Garden Supplies, Homemade Pies, Plumbing Masters, Chair Castors, Playgrounds, Party Clowns and so much more! For targeted search results that are unsurpassed, check out the Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages. Find it local. Find it fast.

Yellow Pages Recycling

Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages and The Berry Company would like to thank Hawaii residents for another successful Think Yellow Go Green Recycling Campaign. For more than 5 years, Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages and Berry have been dedicated to keeping directories out of landfills by hosting the annual Think Yellow Go Green recycling program. Just as in years past, the communities across Hawaii have responded by dropping their out dated directories at local mall locations for recycling. We’d like to thank you, the local community of Oahu, for your on-going “Go Green” efforts which have helped to recycle over 400 tons of directories in the past 5 years. We will announce results from our 2013 campaign soon. In the meantime, there are many people to thank for their efforts in our continued Think Yellow Go Green success including: the volunteers from the Lokahi Giving Project, West Oahu Aggregate, and our drop locations which are Ward Centers, Windward Mall, Kahala Mall, and the Town Center of Millani.